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Our story

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Founders Zumma, Marinella Pinate, Fernanda de la Colina y Daniela Lascurain

Zumma was founded in 2022 by a team with background in financial services and technology with the mission to empower Latin Americans to build their wealth and take control of their financial lives. Our goal is to help erase the financial inequality gap.


We offer products that will allow them to reach financial independence, because we believe that financial independence and financial security empowers people and an empowered person can change the world.

Our mission

To empower Latin Americans and their families to grow their wealth and achieve financial independence and stability, with the aim to help eliminate the financial inequality gap.

Our vision

Become the best personal financial platform in Latin America and emerging markets.

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Equipo Zumma, Marinella Pinate, Daniela Lascurain, Fernanda de la Colina, Carlos Chinchilla, Carlos Cuamatzin, Estrellita Campos

Our Values

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We communicate honestly, transparently and assertively to build relationships that transcend and to reach our full potential.

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We are motivated to learn day by day and have the courage to let go of certainty and look for solutions "out of the box".

Customer Centric

We are committed to creating a belonging and trusting environment where your decisions have an impact on Zumma and Zumma has an impact on your life.


We enjoy the journey and take care of ourselves by maintaining a balance in our lives.

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We strive every day to achieve our goals without giving up.


We are changing the world one day at a time by being the change we want to see.

What we see

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