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  • What is Zumma?
    Zumma is a financial management platform that helps you keep track of your business finances with its expense tracker through WhatsApp and also allows you to automatically invoice your expenses through WhatsApp.
  • Where can I download the app?
    The app is available on Google Play for Android devices and on the App Store for Apple devices.
  • Can I invite my friends to the app?
    We love that you want to recommend us! 💖 For the expense tracker: Every time you refer a friend, you get one month of free subscription. You just need to follow these steps: Go to your profile in the Zumma app and click on "Invite a Friend." Send your friends your personalized link and tell them to use your code when creating their account. That's it! Both you and your friend will receive one month free of the Premium Plan. Want to see what the Premium Plan includes? Click here. For automatic invoicing: At the moment, we do not have a referral system. Check back later!
  • In which countries is the app available?
    🌎 The tracker is available for all countries worldwide. You have the option to choose which currency you prefer to view your finances in. 🇲🇽 The automatic expense invoicing service is only available in Mexico.
  • What is Zummi?
    Zummi is your financial assistant that, with artificial intelligence, helps you answer all your questions. Do you want to know how much you spent in the last 7 days? Or how much you spent on food last month? Ask Zummi on WhatsApp, and it will give you the answer. Zummi also helps you process your expense invoices. If you have a billing plan, send a photo of your receipts, and it will take care of requesting the invoices for you. Do you want to experience the power of Zummi? Download the app from the  App Store or Google Play Store  and link your account to WhatsApp by following the instructions in the expenses or billing section.
  • How can I contact Costumer Support?
    We love to answer all your questions. You can get in touch with us through different channels: Email: WhatsApp:


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