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Zumma is selected to be part of Techstars Payments powered by Stellar and MoneyGram

Actualizado: 26 abr 2023

Zumma will be part of Techstars Payments alongside other 11 early-stage companies that are focused on innovative fintech solutions addressing gaps across the payments infrastructure in emerging and underserved markets in categories like lending, investing, payments, personal financial management, financial literacy and infrastructure.

This program is the first Techstars accelerator to have a physical presence in Latin America. They will be running a hybrid program and spending one week in Dallas, one week in Mexico City and one week in Miami. The three-month mentorship-driven program is bringing together founders from across Latin America and the US from Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

These startups will be supported by our amazing partners, Stellar and MoneyGram. These two organizations came together as they saw an incredible opportunity to build a robust payment and fintech ecosystem across LatAm and other emerging markets.

“The opportunities for fintech innovation and financial inclusion across underserved markets and LatAm are endless,'' said Managing Director, Tricia Martinez. “Consumers and businesses are waiting for disruptive solutions that solve their problems - high fees, inefficient systems, broken infrastructure, and unstable currencies. Our 12 portfolio companies for Techstars Payments are spearheading innovation in these markets and solving real financial problems.”

If you want to know the other companies in the program, click here.

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